sylvie lehmers

Sylvie Lehmers' portrait. 2020



Sylvie Lehmers is a genderqueer artist of Jewish origins, born during the two months of confinement linked to the global health crisis caused by the covid19 pandemic.


Around 24 years old, she has feminine attributes. Her silicone face with stereotypical features is reminiscent of the silhouette of realistic dolls used in adult's sexual practices. It is a disturbing reality which is put forward: to think of the body as an object of consumption.

Her working medium is performance, she works on identity constructions; queer, racialized, sexual, cultural. Sylvie Lehmers' performances offer spectators immersive experiences and question the presence of this identity in an increasingly controlled society, in which the concealment of one's face in public space is prohibited1 - at the time of recognition and facial filing - and increasingly restricted individual freedoms. However, this is not a latex mask, but Sylvie Lehmers' face. An artificial face inspired by store models and from large retailers, creating discomfort and doubt between dream or reality.


At the center of this questioning, the fantasized body, the "objectification" of the female body denounced by a number of associations, psychologists and academics. The existence of Sylvie Lehmers is a vast work that takes place over time, and plays on the proliferation of her appearances and the multiplicity of her interventions. Thus each performance is unique, thought for the context and the place of reception. Sylvie Lehmers is a full-fledged person with her own identity.


Sylvie Lehmers is Sylvie Lehmers.



1 - Law n ° 2010-1192 of October 11, 2010 prohibiting the dissemination of the face in public space.

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